Saline Training

Summary of the Objectives by Question

International Saline is a program that prepares medical professionals to share the good

news of Jesus as opportunities present themselves in their daily practice. A typical session

will have six hours of instruction divided into five major modules answering the five


Question (Module) 1: Why is faith important in healthcare?

• Realize the importance of faith to health as supported by scientific research.

• Consider patient openness to spiritual issues and how patients want healthcare

professionals to address these issues.

• Reflect on how Jesus dealt with the whole person as the Great Physician.

• Inspire and motivate professionals to be part of God’s call to treat the whole person.

Question (Module) 2: What is the opportunity and challenge to fulfill God’s call?

• Understand that the opportunity and challenge is to partner with what God is already


• Understand our privileged position as an opportunity from God.

• Uncover the barriers that prevent a healthcare professional from offering spiritual

care to patients.

• Discover the barriers that prevent a patient from receiving spiritual care.

• Be able to describe our role in answering God’s call.

Question (Module) 3: What is my part?

• Offer spiritual help that matches the patient’s faith stage.

• Create a safe environment while being salt and light.

• Identify conditions that optimize sharing the Good News.

Question (Module) 4: What other tools will help me to cultivate and sow?

• Learn what tools should be used for the patient’s faith stage.

• Learn how to use each tool.

• To communicate spiritual truth in a non-offensive and natural manner.

Question (Module) 5: Where do I go from here?

• Identify one concept or skill that you can implement in your practice.

• Develop a plan for implementation.

• Identify a person with whom you can share your plan, and who is willing to hold you

accountable at least on a weekly basis.

• Identify supports and resources that might help you be a witness in the lives of your


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