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International Board

For the leadership of the International Board of HCFI:

Dr. Arul Anketell of Sri Lanka, practiced medicine for 6 years – especially Paediatrics – and since May 1,

1978 has worked fulltime with HCF. His present involvement: Member of the International Board of HCFI since

July 1986; Regional Promoter for HCF South Asia, (Region 13); Member of the International Prayer Team and

also assisting with the National HCF of Sri Lanka. Arul is a gifted speaker, and will specially be remembered for

his soul-searching messages given at the Diamond Celebrations of HCFI in Manila.

 Dr. Boey Mee Leng of Singapore is Consultant Rheumatologist in private practice and Adjunct Associate

Professor in the National University Health System (NUHS). As President and passionate heartbeat of HCF

Singapore she has not only kept the fires burning in her homeland, but has also been instrumental in kindling and

nurturing the flame of devotion to Christ among caregivers in one of the toughest countries on earth. Mee Leng

was appointed to the International Board of HCFI in 2007.

Dr. Karl O. Bandlien is a Physician born in Norway, and now serving in the USA. He is President of HCF

Michigan, and Chairman of the National Action Committee, HCF USA. Karl is known for his compassionate heart

which expresses itself in an earnest prayer life and in genuine concern for others. He was welcomed as a

member of the International Board of HCFI in June 2006.

Dr. Vernon Hiebert from Paraguay is a Medical Doctor and as a Family Physician has been majoring in

Psychiatry in Paraguay for the past 13 years. He was welcomed as a member of the International Board of

HCFI in May 2010, and is the representative for Spanish-speaking South America. Together with International

Health Services (IHS) he presents the International Saline in different countries in Latin America.

Rev. Dr. Dalby Hams, South Africa is an Educator and Pastor by training. His desire is also to be involved in

the Community Health Team. Dalby’s first contact with HCF was in the early ‘70’s when Francis Grim and

Brother Andrew, together with various staff members, were travelling to different cities in South Africa. He

became progressively interested in the vision of HCF through its literature, and a ripening concern for those in the

health field led Dalby to fulltime work in the Fellowship in 1972. He served as a valuable Regional Promoter for

the whole of Southern Africa for several years and was appointed as an International Board member in HCFI in

August 1993.

Dr. George McDonald was born and brought up in Africa by missionary parents. He says: “I qualified in

Medicine in Trinity College, Dublin and specialized in Pathology, retiring in 2006. I live in Ireland and since 1964

I have served the Lord in HCF, first in this country and later internationally, and at present serve as President of

HCFI and Chairman of the Board. This is by God’s grace, free and unmerited, which has also provided me with

the help and support of Jean my wife, and Andrew our son.”

Dr. Keith Michael M.D. is a medical practitioner (Family Physician) South Africa. He is Chairman of HCF

South Africa and has recently been appointed to the HCFI International Board and EXCO. He is also Chairman

of the Christian Networking Alliance for Healthcare in South Africa – a network of Christian healthcare

organizations. In addition, he serves as an Advisor to the Swaziland Christian University which is presently being

established where medicals, nurses and those in health-related professions will be trained in the near future.

Rev. Dr. Kenneth Ragoonath is a Minister of Religion, serving in the Caribbean. He has been involved in

Hospital Evangelism ever since 1965 while working in a hospital in San Fernando, Trinidad, and attended his first

HCFI World Conference in Rome 1969. Three years later Kenneth sensed God’ s call to fulltime work in HCF

which included serving for several years as an enthusiastic Regional Promoter – encouraging existing groups

and inspiring the formation of new Fellowships. In June 1982 he was appointed as a member of the International

Board of HCFI. He is also President of Open Bible Institute of Theology and Chairman of CETA (Caribbean

Evangelical Theological Association).

Dr. Chris Steyn was a Medical Missionary in South Africa when in 1981 God called him to fulltime service in

HCFI. Later he and his family moved to the Netherlands where he has been based ever since. As International

Coordinator he describes his role as “servant of Christ, and servant to all who follow Him” and his field as

“Global”. In his travels to many countries of the world he has indeed ministered to thousands of people directly

and also indirectly through C.D.’s, videos, internet, radio and TV. He has also been instrumental in initiating

network alliances with other health-related organizations working for the spiritual welfare of caregivers. Chris

was appointed as an International Board member in July 1986.